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8 Great Things To Do In France

France can delight romantically inclined with picture-perfect villages, fairytale castles, soaring cathedrals and can still manage to impress realists with its progressive and yet contemporary styling. Here are the best things to do in France:

Musee de Louvre
Musee de Louvre has a wide collection of art. This museum has endured the centuries-old social and political transformations of France and still maintained the beauty and vastness of the human mind under a single roof. This has made it a potent symbolization of French finesse and sensitivity.

Eiffel tower
The Eiffel tower is the most visited paid monument in the world. If you are out on the Champs de Mars during the evening, you will see it twinkle with millions of multicolored proposals. Apart from representing a strong symbol to the people of French, the Eiffel tower also unites and stirs strong emotions.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral reflects Paris’s prestige all too well with ornate spires, lofty archways, flying buttresses, rose-colored stained-glass windows, ribbed vaults and the indispensable Gargoyles. All these emanate the essence of Gothicism at its finest. Notre Dame de Paris is a place that visitors should include in their list of must visit.

River Loire
This river offers a naturally soothing spectacle as it turns and twists throughout the rolling hills of the valley. This sets the stage for something like heaven on earth. This area has blooming flowers and grandiose vineyards on both sides with over 1,000 charming chateaus.

Following the river from Sully-sur-Lire to Chalonnes-sure-Loire will make you realize that this valley really deserves its UNESCO recognition.

Musee d’Orsay
Musee d’Orsay has a wide collection of sculptures and paintings that belong to various French artists. Nevertheless, it is popular for its wide collection of masterpieces from impressionists and post-impressionists. This is the only place on earth where you can find an extensive collection of artworks from Cezanne, Monet, Renoir, and Degas.

Arc de Triomphe
This is the largest monument of this kind on earth. It links old and new Paris together and forms a spectacular backdrop for the urban ensemble. The adornment of impressive sculptural reliefs that grace the pillars on either side epitomizes French artistic sensitivity.

All of Napoleon’s victories and 660 names of army generals are engraved within the arch to symbolize the French pride towards their military history. There is a tomb of France’s Unknown Soldier below the arch while the terrace way found at the top usually offers panoramic views of the city of Paris. Arc de Triomphe is one of the most visited sites in France, another popular location is Cannes.

Pelerinage de Lourdes
Every year, millions of Christians ensemble in this place with the most sacred part being the Cave of Apparitions. Whether you are devout or not, you will most likely be moved seeing people absorbed in reverence and then seeing themselves immersed in one of the grotto’s pools. These pools are believed to contain waters that are righteous and healing.

La Valle de Chamonix
Chamonix valley is a good place for outdoor sports enthusiasts and those who marvel at heart melting vistas. lifts usually transport visitors to the heart of the massif while endless trails divulge incredible panoramas, cozy hotels, and mountain torrents.…

Live Your Dreams – Luxury Travel Destinations

Almost every single person on this planet has a bucket list. things they want to accomplish in their lives or places that they want to visit. They may not write them down – it may not be an organized list – but it’s always at the back of the mind or jumping to our attention just before we nod off to sleep.

So what are the destinations on our bucket list? Firstly there are those places that are exotic. Who has not dreamed of a sparkling white beach and a cool azure ocean? Reclining on a deck chair or suspended between two palm trees in a hammock? That perfect drink in a half coconut shell. The sun setting over the ocean and the night falling as a cool wind blows.

Or how a bout something a little more high octane. Watching that Grand Prix right from the track. And seeing that champagne filled trophy being hoisted high by the winner and joining in the after race festivities.

Or maybe something a little more civilized. A dinner with that special someone at the top of a high rise building and seeing the city lights come on as the moon emerges from behind the clouds and knowing that the night is yours to own.

Every person has these dream destinations somewhere in the back of their minds. But how do you make them a reality?

The key is planning. And the next step is finding out about that extra special destination – and their is no substitute for local knowledge. If you want to really make that wish that is at the top of your bucket list into reality then the right time to really start planning is right now.

And if you want that dream to come true then you have to pull out all the stops. It’s not ever going to be good enough to take half measures – you want that dream to translate into an ultra luxury experience.

Find that dream destination and start planning absolutely everything from beginning to end. If you want to be lying on that beach then make sure it’s the right beach and the right time of year. Plan your travel – and travel business class so that you arrive ready to take advantage of every single moment that you have.

Make sure that you have the resources to really enjoy yourself – and if you are going to be taking a friend or a companion make sure that they share your passion for the destination.

But above all make sure that you select that destination carefully. Go on the Internet and find a forum of like minded people who have the inside track on how to select a luxury travel destination – or find an expert to help you plan that dream holiday.

For many people a luxury travel destination and experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity – this is something that you need to plan and execute to perfection.…